Russian Software for E-Commerce & marketplaces
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16.11.2021 в 15:05

The RUSSOFT Association - the largest in Russia Association of Software Companies - presents the first Catalogue of Software Solutions and Services of the RUSSOFT Association in the sphere of electronic commerce and markets.
Already for some time, the Marketplaces had proved to be an integral part of Russian Retail, while many such solutions have also been implemented in different industries. Since the beginning of 2021, the Russian market of Internet trade has been growing up to almost 50% in comparison with the same period of 2020.
Russian software development industry to offer a large spectrum of solutions and services to fit the requests of business and of population.
The Russian Trade Representation in the UK will be delighted if the Catalogue (download via link) and its solutions help you to find reliable partners and realize your most ambitious ideas and plans of digital transformation of your business.