TRASSIR is an international manufacturer of CCTV systems and a video surveillance software developer
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07.10.2020 в 10:51

is an international hi-tech company with offices in Russia, China and EU. It’s a leading CCTV equipment manufacturer and video surveillance software developer.

The company was established back in 2002 having more than 16 years of experience in producing high quality CCTV solutions. Currently the company has more than 500 employees. The main staff consists of highly qualified certified specialists with extensive background in the field of IT, security systems development and video surveillance.

TRASSIR has a vast portfolio of international projects. TRASSIR installations can be found in a number of countries in the Middle East and in Europe.

At the moment TRASSIR has clients in more than 20 countries and is interested in finding a reliable distributor to work together on the UK market and distribute its solution there.

The «TRASSIR VMS» system includes:

  •       IP-cameras
  •       video registrators (NVRs, XVRs)
  •       software
  •       console cloud that allows to integrate all the servers in one network to monitor the health of the system, so the system is very flexible.

Unique functionality:


 - ActiveSearch - ability to search for motion in the archive

 - ActiveDome - ability to control PTZ camera automatically

 - Face Recognition Access control  - ability to use the face recognition module to manage access control

 - Heat map on Map - a module that can build an interactive map of the movement of people in a room

 - Emotion and Attributes recognition -  ability to recognize basic emotions and attributes of persons

- recognition of people by the color of their clothes

- recognition of masks on the face

 "Basic functionality"

 - the ability to manage all types of our solutions from one interface

 - Failover functionality, ability to switch archive recording on backup servers

 - Synchronization (archive duplication) between servers

 - Build-in health monitoring system of the server

 - ability to download the archive from the device (cameras)

- writing scripts and rules to automate the work of Trassir, interact with third-party systems and create a unique logic for the work of our modules in projects.

TRASSIR Portfolio

TRASSIR Catalogue


Anastasiia Ivanicheva

VMS Consultant for Service Providers , Trassir

tel:+44 208 187 6097